The Hero Shot: talk and exhibition, FAD 2015 / by Julian Rutt

Its been a while between updates, but combining two great passions of design in architecture and visual arts through photography, Lumen is proudly presenting 'The Hero Shot': an exhibition and a presentation celebrating the art of architectural photography for the Festival of Architecture and Design (FAD 2015) in October.

The Hero Shot exhibition will feature photographic works by leading photographers of South Australian architecture coinciding with a presentation from David Sievers, 2014 AIPP South Australian Epson Professional Photographer of the Year!the-hero-shot/c1coj

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Beginning early in their education, architects and designers are trained to think in 3D dimensions, yet the printed image will be the first impression, often the only experience for many observers of the project. Going beyond a purely documentary function of spacial response, the architectural photo captures planes, masses and voids, rearranging them into shape, line and tones, patterns of light and dark onto the flat surface.

An entertaining, eye-popping feature presentation by Architectural Photographer David Sievers, the talk will provide a chance to soak up beautiful, raw images of architecture and design through high-quality photography, architects and designers to showcasing their work, and giving the justice their projects and hard work deserve.

The Hero Shot presentation is at 6pm Thursday 8th October, while the exhibition will run daily throughout the festival until 5pm Tuesday 13th October at the Office for Architecture and Design in Leigh Street.

Canon Australia is kindly printing the images featuring in the exhibition.

Photo - Ken Schluchtmann
Peter Writer